Fiona Rae








Maybe you can live on the moon in the next century

Born in Hong Kong and studied at Goldsmiths, London, Rae has her feet firmly placed on the ground within the art world. Her highly individual body of work and the endless list of galleries she has exhibited in are quite impressive!

Her work is like a child’s fantasy, with dream like qualities evident in the organic line markings, which are weirdly complimented by the graphical aspects hidden within her paintings. Almost like little gems, they are a pleasure to find! Almost like a game of ‘Hide and Seek’.

The flowers, hearts and cartoon characters might give the impression of light hearted imagery and viewing; however Rae likes to indulge in the dark, moody and brooding colour palette, combined with virtuoso washes and veils of paint. Which all give an impression that things on the surface are not what they seem…

Still on show at The New Art Gallery Walsall,  6th October – 30th December 2012.

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