Flip Festival 2012





Wolverhampton’s finest festival is back! Yes Flippin’ heck, its been a year already (ahh see what we did there, clever ay?). Any who, the festival is a great way to showcase all the talented people out there and all the wonderful stuff that comes along with animation and creativity. So what have they got planned for 2012? Well temporary street art will be projected onto a landmark building in the city… oh which one will it be we wonder? 

An experimental collaboration between developers, animators and artists will also take place along with a few vacant shops  exhibiting 2D artwork. The weekend will culminate in an art-battle party The People versus the Machines (just like it says; live illustration artists will battle against computer generation artists) and at Light House throughout the weekend there will be screenings of the packed full and glorious programme of indie animated shorts and special guest masterclasses! Nice huh?

You too can get involved in the festival! Yes little old you at home! Just follow this simple link and click your heels three times and say “there’s no place like Flip” three times get-involved

Here is a highlight from 2011 for you to enjoy!



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