Free Run: The Games are on!

Following our previous post (you should check it out it is a right old hoot!) about Free Running, why isn’t it featured in the Olympics? Certainly it has the athletic, sport attributes and contributes to the message of healthy living (well apart from jumping off buildings as let’s face it, that can get bit dodgy!) And it will sure enough appeal to a younger audience….

Possibly the answer lies in the simple fact that Free Running is well, free. It belongs to the streets, to everyday people like you and me. It belongs to the little kid down the road who forgets how to get his equations right in maths, it appeals to the kid who tries to get away from the urban streets which are filled with crime and hate. Going mainstream may and well, let’s face it, will lose its appeal and most importantly it’s meaning.

So we salute all you free runners out there! Just stay safe and watch you don’t bang your head! Most of all hook us up if you want to showcase your moves or indeed any potential art, design, music vibes and pieces you may have!

Take it easy guys,


(P.S we were rubbish at maths too so don’t stress) PEACE!



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