As the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee draws near, OCD MAG started thinking of a new feature which we can write-up and hopefully won’t get us beheaded (we love you Queen!). But really, what comes to mind is the ever so angst, punk rockers The Sex Pistols, God Save the Queen. Typically like OCD MAG we went of on a rant of research only to uncover the great royals of punk rock. so enjoy!





But erm, lets forget about this shall we…





First up is a great British punk rock poet/ comedian, John Cooper Clarke, most famous for Beasley Street. His stage presence brings a slim slender fellow, a fag in one hand and bed head that Tony & Guy would love to recreate. None the less his persona hugely contributed to the world of literature by introducing poetry to the punk crowds and thankfully not getting his head kicked in which was perhaps due to his humour. The tone of his voice is almost the same as a race horse commentator or a rugged auctioneer.  Don’t you think The Horror’s look slightly like Cooper Clarke?






















WOOF WOOF! I WONNA BE YOUR DOG what a tunneeeeeee!!!! Iggy Pop may have also started doing the old commercials but his bare chest was once famous for making good punk tracks just like these!






So raise your middle finger, stand proud and salute! Stick a napkin on your head while you try to tan in the middle of the garden with a deck chair waiting, wishing for that small ray of sun to hit your face.





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