I think you need some Wu on that Tang sir…

Real hip hop, don’t stop ’till you drop,

OCD MAG be hitting the good high vibes with the Wu Tang Clan,

they drop the beats we forward the song.

Yo, Yo, you heard right,

we got more vibes than Subway sides.

We be hitting the block like Ali in the ring,

we don’t need a great voice to sing.

‘Coz our talents are epic,

no arrogance were selling,

just confidence were oozing.

Chillin’ on the back seat of yo car,

the man drives, yeah he drives far.

We be spinning the verse step one two,

we be feeling the chorus yeah you knew…


*Cough, cough* ok, OCD MAG shall return to being normal as we possibly can, but come on, you were impressed right? AHHH! GOTCHA! (imagine smiley face inserted here, but we are too cool to be doing that sort of sheet.)

Any way here’s the real deal. Ya dig?



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