Crucifixion with Dr Gunther von Hagens

Anatomist Dr Gunther von Hagens explores religion and his dark desire to play with life and death. This documentary follows Hagens journey to re-create the iconic, religious symbol of Christ on a Cross. His interpretation of the crucifixion can be seen as blasphemy or even to some as, ‘art’.

We know at OCD MAG, this can be a touchy subject and the images within the documentary may not be to everyone’s taste, so please be aware if you wish to watch it or not.

Yet it does raise the question of when do you consider art to be art? When do you really draw the line? Is art about the skill or the ‘shock factor?’ It seems many artists are going for the shock factor these days with very little consideration to the traditional skill or even perception of art like Monet for instance.  Would you class Dr Gunther as an artist or a glorified Anatomist?

If your eyes and stomach can handle it, check out the documentary on 4OD or by clicking here:


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