Time to join the Rat Race.

Life after university can be a bit daunting to say the least, it’s the turning point of becoming a ‘proper adult’ one with responsibility thrown at them left, right and centre. Suddenly life seems to go so quick, it’s like your thrown on a huge treadmill and everyone is running, but your left stumbling. Your scruffy backpack gets swapped for a classy black briefcase, your converse trainers which you have engraved ‘Nirvana’ on seem to be shoved to one corner and replaced by uncomfortable ‘smart shoes’.  The transformation happens so quick you forget to breathe… Phew! You reach home to find a microwave meal for one. That right there is your heaven, your sanctuary, wait until your arteries tell you otherwise, as the calories build up….

Now your one of them, surrounded by others just like you, but so many stages ahead, they have got a classy flask on your desk, while your still rocking the Power Rangers lunch box. And that promise you made, you swore, you would never turn into a corporate machine, vowed never to be a clock watcher, as you sit there tapping your pen on the desk as you sway in your swirly chair. Have you forgotten who you are? Have you forgotten your reasonings to do what you do or did?

OCD MAG are at the brink of becoming ‘another statistic’ yet how does one stay true to themselves? How do you stop yourself from truly ‘selling out?’. This lively discussion can be had, come on and share your thoughts and advice – we’d love to hear!

All the best and keep running!


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