Life: a turning point

Do you know those days when you walk for ages and just think?

We all think, think and think… possibly a bit too much? At what point in life do you stop and evaluate certain aspects of your life and actually make a change for the better? Regrets, love and loss all seem to play on your mind. People come and go, friends drop in, then drop out, kind of leaves you in a muddle… who do you trust and who to keep your distance from.

Figuring out who or what is the most consistent factor is probably the most important; perhaps the one you take for granted or even don’t think too much about. But their always there, on the sidelines, waiting. Perhaps the one person in life you can trust the most is yourself. But that again is another lonely option.

The mind is a busy thing, one that too needs rest. Maybe it’s time to listen.


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