Getting your first white hair…

Getting your first white hair can be a shocker, most say it’s a sign of old age or too much hard work… we like to think it’s too much hard work! Either way, it’s time to admit defeat, old age is silently creeping up on us. It’s time to swap our cons for some comfy slippers, our Mac book pro for a Martina Cole novel (oh Lord, we won’t really) and to place ourselves upon an arm chair, next to a blazing fire, screaming random names at people we see on a daily basis.

One hope we do have for old age though, is to get an ASBO! Embrace your golden years by corrupting those young un’s around you! While yelling ‘yeah boi!’ as your false teeth slip out of place and your hip gives way. Classy!

Ok… Let’s just be thankful for hair dye hey!


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