Top 10 ways to annoy graphic designers…

Here’s a quick list on how to annoy a graphic designer, and those in this field, you will undoubtedly find this painful! So enjoy!

1) Always use Comic Sans, especially for important documents/ official letters, yano’ it gives the right impression.

2) End a paragraph with one word on a line of its own, also know as a ‘widow’, believe us, this will drive them


3) Call a typeface a font, picky designers will hate you for this.

4) Forget kerning and throw away legibility at any cost.

5) Use distorted images, that you have ripped off the internet and couldn’t be bothered to adjust the levels in Photoshop. Don’t forget to streeeeeeeeetccccchhhhh the little bugger beyond its true capacity; so that it is beyond pixellated, and call it ‘digital pointillism in its true art form’

6) Use Microsoft word art for headings… yeah we went there.

7) Use tacky Powerpoint themes and effects, just for the hell of it.

8) Always undermine the designer by saying ‘oh you can do that in 2 minutes can’t you? Your only going to draw a little bit’

9) Tell the designer to produce a piece of editorial on Photoshop hahah!!

10) Never treat graphic designers with any respect, possibly go as far as never paying them for a job they have rightfully done and spent hours or even days on, that’s sure to annoy them if anything else…


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