OCD MAG get’s poetic…

Oh dear, we haven’t been at the cherry don’t worry, but we have dabbled in a bit of creative writing and wrote a little poem aww!!!

A bullet leaves a pistol, a heart misses a beat.

A mother loses her son

A life in defeat.

A silent teardrop hits the floor

A child watches, as they weep before

People gather round to watch

When questioned they saw not.

His girlfriend tries to explain to their child…Why daddy’s gone? She’s in denial, cradles the child and wipes the tears away. Daddy is always here, she’ll say.

Another shoot out in the ghetto It’s like life lotto

Take your pick,

Choose your luck.

Never forget the silent footsteps of karma It’ll creep up on you, even if you’re a charmer

And when its time, believe me,

They’ll throw the book at you,

You’ll see.


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