Credit to the Nation

OCD MAG catches up with Matt from Credit To The Nation over a cup of hot choc and coffee. Call it what you want, this wasn’t another teenage sensation…


Welcome back Credit to The Nation! Where have you been hiding? Just getting myself in order and looking after my son. Now he’s thirteen, I can get back to work, and I’m enjoying it. Working on an album, which needs to be mixed. We got a single coming out on the 8th August.

Your album ‘Take Dis’ had a revolutionary feel to it, is that still apparent in the new album? It is, but I’m not so much loud mouth any more.

Are you more mellow? Yeah, well it just happens naturally. When you have so much time off and when you see what happens in the music industry, it just changes ya. I can still have that revolutionary feel, by using the lyrics and let the music do the talking man.

Do you think you have found that balance? Yeah defiantly, when we were first out before it was the whole rock and roll thing. It’s not gonna happen no more, it aint good for the body and it aint good for the soul. Don’t get me wrong, I still drink but it’s just moderation now!

‘Call it what you want’ and ‘Rage’, especially had a rebellious attitude towards ‘taboo’ subjects, that people normally shy away from. Do you think that music can change people’s attitude towards racism or violence? Well yeah, most of the time. I’m amazed, its been a couple of years since I’ve been using the Internet. I was a late starter with the Internet. Since then, I’ve been setting up these Myspace’s for Credit To The Nation coming back. It’s quite amazing the feedback we got. They got back to me saying ‘you changed my life’, it’s a shame there’s not enough people out there preaching the message you used to preach. It seems to touch people, which I didn’t know really… I was in a hazy bubble. Time to reflect, looking back, it’s moving man.

Does that spur you on more? It spur’s me on more, it really, really does. Especially coz I had a bit of a null, couple of months ago, half way through the album. I was thinking ‘ahh is the album gonna do well, or should I be aiming high or should I just do it for the love of it and forget about if I don’t make any money. We got Chuck D, from Public Enemy to do a feature on one of our songs. It just boosted me to carry on, for the love of it as well. Having respect from Chuck D, is just the ultimate, for him to do that for me, it was like bloody hell! I must be doing summut right! For free as well, most of the time, they want paying. It just spurred me on.

What do you think of today’s music compared to the 90s? It aint as good is it? I was on YouTube the other day, typing little things in, like the Chart show. What I was amazed at, was the amount of indie bands, that were dominating the commercial market in the mid 90’s. It was a really good time. Nowadays,there’s no music with soul any more. Rap music seems to have changed now, really bad, raps like RnB. Can’t understand it. The only person I feel that has maintained that Hip Hop while being commercial, while having that personality and being cool, is Dr Dre. Dr Dre is one of the best producers, I think he’s really, really cool. Eminem, I think, is the only one that has really moved me over the past ten years. Even now he’s mellowed out, he’s quite comical now. He had the guts to do it and he was and is good. Some of the lyrics he spits, off the his head as well, not written down, he’s talented man.

So, who inspires you as an artist, who do you look up to? As I say before, the same. Chuck D, Public Enemy all the way, I’ve been listening to them since I was twelve, and I still listen to them now. Dr Dre, Bob Marley’s a big influence. Hendrix, Rage Nirvana was pretty cool, all those sort of things.

It’s obvious you’re not scared of voicing your opinions, if you could reach people with one message what would it be? I haven’t really thought of that man… Peace and unity enit, it can be done Education as well. Having my son and seeing what they go through at a young age, I really wonna push him. Like with me I left school with no GCSE’s. Music is all I know, I wish I had some exams behind me now, that’s what a lot of people say don’t they! I’m trying to set up a studio for mental help patients. Coz a lot of them are really talented. They can right, really deep poems. So me and the mental health time are trying to set up a studio. So this can be a side project for me. I would love to give back in that way.

You feature some great samples on your tracks, like Rage Against The Machine, Radiohead, Nirvana…Are you a rock fan at heart then? Well yeah, anything that’s good to be honest. It was mad though, when I was about sixteen, I didn’t really know what the alternative scene was. There was something always in me but, I was just interested by it. When I had the first record deal, it came to my mind, like hold on a minute yeah, I wonna be alternative! A black alternative! But yeah, I love my rock music, I’m a bit sad though coz I still listen to Soundgarden, I still kill their album! I was into Hole.

There seems to be a lot of divisions in life, where you are classified into groups. From what you wear to the music you listen to. How do you think we can over come this? When I first started I always thought you could, but it’s really hard. You just gotta carry on being yourself…

Was you always into music? Yeah playing keyboard since I was about four, used to play keyboard in church, my dads a minister. Used to play the drums and bass guitar. Just after leaving school I was sixteen, Chumbawamba helped me out. Went on tour with them two weeks after leaving school toured the country.

So what can we expect from the new album? The new albums got a lot of different styles on it, Dubstep, RnB, one of the single’s has a bit of metal /hip hop tone to it. The lyrics are still strong, in a way which it appeals to everyone. It’s a lot more mature, the lyrics are well thought out. Left the music to DJ Crossflow and I done all the writing. So expect a wide variety.

So, there you have it… The story of Credit To The Nation, the rock and roll life style and the maturity.

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