Editorial: Is size 0 on it’s way out?

Sophie Dhal, Marilyn Monroe, Beth Ditto are all plus sized women, yet they seem to break convention of the super slim size zero. Monroe was considered to be the perfect woman, and she would have been a UK size 16, which today, is seen as a plus size, so in terms of her career, it wouldn’t have been anything like what it was or had been. With the rise of the swinging 1960’s, Twiggy introduced the size zero fad, with her distinct features the media and society soon jumped on the band wagon. Within the editorial world, Beth Ditto posed nude on the cover of LOVE magazine, which bought positive and negative reviews, yet one can’t deny the brave lady’s attitude to bearing a cheek or two! Ah see what we did there! With the 90’s it bought Kate Moss, with her rock and roll lifestyle, she was considered a much edgier Twiggy.

Even Ann Summers has featured a plus sized model as their front campaign feature. Other plus size magazines have commented on the issue of eating disorders stating that ‘most fashion models have an anorexic BMI’. Does size really matter? Is the media portraying an unrealistic image for young women to aspire to be? Considering these are teenagers, young adults with their own insecurities?


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