Breaking away from Social Media

Ok, we have all done it (or possibly all), at one point in our lives someone has said ‘oh you just got to join Facebook it’s amazing!’, you give in to peer pressure and all over a sudden your hooked. You try to break away from conforming and being a statistic, that you constantly battle with ‘deactivate your account’, but the sneaky so and so’s know your weak and they give you the option of reactivation. It’s crazy to think Facebook is used now to verify or legitimise a friendship! God forbid if you forget to add someone or accept their requests may break into World War 3!

Social networks become a daily routine, checking feeds and updates like it was your regular newspaper! Then we you do leave, that sigh of relief descends, like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. The fact that your information and privacy is rightfully yours and isn’t being monitored in some marketing scheme, is a blessing in disguise. One questions the ethics and morals of such intentions. However, is there a life after Facebook and Twitter? How can one fill the gaping hole of not reading about Johns latest bit or Tina’s flip-flops? Possibly quite quickly ay! It’s a nice reminder that there is a life out there beyond laptops, iPods, phones etc, technology is great but sometimes it feels as though there is too much progression, everyone is moving to fast and not appreciating the present but always looking towards the future in a competitive way. We guess a good nature walk is due hey! Nothing beats cold gusts of wind in your face! One does question, when will the time come when we stop advancing, stop updating or out doing one another with technology and trends? Will there be a time?

By the way were not on Twitter any more! FREEDOM!


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