Rene Magritte, just surreal?

Rene Magritte was another artists who explored surrealist art in all of its forms, however, he stood alone and apart from many other artists of the time…

Magritte wished to cultivate an approach that avoided the stylistic distractions of most modern paintings. While some French Surrealists experimented with new techniques, Magritte settled on a dead-pan, illustrative technique, which is a huge contrast compared to the excentric Salvador Dali.

Repetition was an important strategy for Magritte, informing not only his handling of motifs within individual pictures, but also encouraging him to produce multiple copies of some of his greatest works, again this can be seen as a reinvention within the 1960s and the use of screen printing and Andy Warhol. His interest in the idea of repetition may have come in part from Freudian psychoanalysis, for which repetition is a sign of trauma. But his work in commercial art may have also played a role in prompting him to question the conventional modernist belief in the unique, original work of art. Did he conform?




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