3 Days of Peace and Love ahhh!

Woodstock 1969 was a free festival celebrating music, love, peace, culture and togetherness. There has never been such an iconic festival since, with acts such as Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane and The Grateful Dead, why wouldn’t this be such a cool place to go? Rumour has it, the field in which the festival took place, still can’t be used to grow crops due to the ‘psychedelic’ influences that were around during the 1960s- madness!

In terms of graphic design, the iconic, simplistic poster captivated everyone’s heart and conveyed the true ethics of the festivals persona. The illustrative take on the white Dove, symbolises peace as it sits neatly on to the fretboard of the guitar, similar to the screen print process many go through today to convey a unique, tone and texture to the print quality. The red is used in juxtaposition as in most cultures red signifies danger, here it is used to promote peace and well the opposite of what the stereotypes of red is used for. A bit of a risk? Yes, but it works, it doesn’t take away the ‘free love’ vibe nor does it detract from the design.

Have a hippy day from OCD MAG



Wonna know a bit more about Woodstock?

Something to fill you in, as you will notice, the festival weren’t all free loving and well poor Jimi Hendrix never got the reception he rightfully deserved…




Ravi Shankar at Woodstock

The famous sitar player and performer, worked side by side with George Harrison from the Beatles, bringing the more spiritual side of the festival out. Again, it shows how foreword thinking and acceptable the festival was, as a sitar performer to break into the mainstream and to appeal to teenagers within the western society seems a bit of a break through! Can you imagine this happening today? Sorry, no pun intended (Beatles – imagine ahhh! Gotcha!)




The Who- My generation

A perfect way to sum up the 1960s.





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