We miss the 90s!

Remember those times back in the 90s when the music was good, the fashion was bad and curtains weren’t always something that covered a window? Yep a poor sod would actually have them as a hairstyle? Shell suits and track suits were all the range, Britpop was an ongoing debate such as Blur VS Oasis and such. The film industry actually produced some pretty iconic films! Kids programmes were amazing, they didn’t spoon feed you rubbish, for instance, MR BLOBBY! COME ON! The end of glam rock was a gift from God, especially with the Seattle Sound being poured into the airways with the Grunge scene. Bands such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Temple Of the Dog and Stone Temple Pilots for instance…


Skunk Anansie – Weak

This video was shot as a last minute thing, so last minute it was set in the airports car park just minutes before their flight!



The Cranberries – Zombie

Such emotion is carried beautifully through the vocals, expressing the true light of the lyrics as they convey the history. It is told as a narrative, commenting on the political, culture and society issues that were and still are relevant.


Fight Club movie trailer

The only film with action, violence and a great soundtrack by the Pixies Where is My mind?





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