Design Museum

Ahhh do you remember those times when people actually spoke face to face and actually knew each other when they called themselves friends? Now we rather email, use social media or even text each other even if were right next to one another, has human interaction been lost? It seems as though many people have forgotten how to communicate on a face to face value. Not surprising due to this ever so growing fast paced lifestyle we all lead. With a hundred and one things to do, it seems these are the only ways we as a community and society seem to ‘get by’…

Yet how did it all start off? The phone. Yep that. Everyone carries one, has one or can have access to it at some point, even children seem to have them, when OCD MAG was a wee nipper we only had a teddy bear to play with (sobs silently). Before the invention of the phone, we had morse code, yet very impractical in today’s society (can you imagine!). The evolution of the mobile phone had been informed by the shape of a, wait for it, a calculator! The similarities are still relevant in the new phones being designed today, the use of buttons, a screen, a compact, hand held, tangible object that utilises curves or straight lines, when trends within society follow suit.

Have you ever wondered that all this advancement to technology is moving way to quick? One minute you go the latest gadget and the next their promoting another one! Do we need to go back to basics and just be happy with what works, I mean, do you really need that app that laughs when you tickle the screen?!



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