Recycled Cardboard Cocoon

Geometric Recycled Cardboard Cocoon “Habitat” Made

From Company’s Waste

Using computer-aided design, the structure’s triangular components were laid out individually, cut and glued by hand into the final form, and connected to the ceiling via thin tensile supports. The original cardboard was too damp to be of any use when reclaimed, so it was taken to an old factory in Stalybridge where it was reconstituted using machinery dating back to 1910. Designer Liam Hopkins of Lazerian describes “Pupa” as a “habitat” for the London headquarters of Bloomberg:

“The form and aesthetics are inspired by natural habitats – cocoons, bee hives, spiders nests and weaver birds nests. The ceiling assumes the appearance of a shelter; snug and cave like, but also references the vaulted ceilings of church naves.”



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