Louise Bourgeois and Tracey Emin – Do not abandon me

With the passing of Louise Bourgeois, one can not help question wether her legacy has impacted the art world in a positive way, in terms of giving the platform back to female artist, has Bourgeois set the standard so high that many more ambitious female artists will walk through the doors once smashed down by Bourgeois?

The joint collaboration, Do not abandon me exhibition created between Bourgeois and Tracey Emin leaves another question hanging, was Emin one of these female artists who walked through the door? Either way, having the heavy weight Bourgeois collaborating with you, moments before her death is quite scary, yet a huge boost to the confidence. Considering Bourgeois never participated in many interviews, looked in mirrors, instead recorded her intense feelings during her endless insomnia in her diary, which she had kept since the age of twelve.



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