Cut above the rest…

Yoko Ono has always been a controversial figure, yet before the days spent with Mr Lennon, she was a woman and an artist in her own right. Breaking down the barriers of privacy, concern, body image, repression and expression, she voiced several themes through her performance Cut Piece, where interestingly enough, she did not have to speak or use any verbal communications for what was being portrayed and what incidentally was happening to her. While watching this, question the participants approach, intentions, body language and most of all look at the gender roles and how stereotypes play a huge role. In contrast. look at Yoko Ono’s fascial expression, her eyes, and most of all her body language. Do you agree with the remarks being made in the footage?

The phrase ‘actions speak louder than words’ is all too clear for one to see…

Ladies and Gent’s, Yoko Ono.



2 thoughts on “Cut above the rest…

  1. I always thought Yoko Ono was kind of weird, but I never investigated enough of who she was or is. Thank you for this and letting me understand a bit more of who she really was.

    – Eric

    • Hi Eric,
      Oh that’s ok! Yes, Yoko can give that impression at times, but that’s why we love her! Here at OCD MAG were always happy to help!
      Kind regards.

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